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Keystone Inn

The History of Keystone Inn

This magnificent, late-Victorian house, built in 1913 for Clayton S. Reaser and his family, is a delightful addition to Historic Gettysburg. Locals say it cost him $25,000 to build it. Clayton, his wife Anna, and their seven children, along with Clayton's two maiden sisters and his father, occupied all three floors. Clayton was the owner of the Reaser furniture factory and the Gettysburg furniture factory, both here in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

The family lived here until 1935 when his partner moved into the house with his family. In 1938, the Snyder's bought the house for $7,500 and turned it into five apartments, renting them for $20 and $30 per month. They sold it to Dr. Shealy in 1952 for $32,000. Dr. Shealy kept it for many years and then gave it to the College (he said it was making too much money). The College sold it because they had no use for it, and the Martins bought it in 1987.

Paul, (a son of Clayton and Anna) remembers sitting on the front porch swing and watching the trains go by (two blocks away) and snows so deep he would jump off the porch roof into the snowbank. Locals fondly remember summer dances on the big wrap-around porch of the Keystone Inn.

The Martins spent a year stripping woodwork and scraping off paint and wallpaper, restoring it to its original beauty. The Martins opened their bed and breakfast inn in 1988 and ran it for 20 years. In the summer of 2008, Mike and Marj Day purchased the Keystone Inn and ran it until 2020.  The Campbells purchased the Keystone Inn in August of 2020.

The Keystone Inn Bed & Breakfast

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